New Home....   New Friends....   New Experiences

            The Newcomers Club of San Juan, Inc. welcomes you to Puerto Rico
La Isla Del Encanto! 

If you are relocating to the gorgeous Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and would like to make new friends, learn about your new culture, share new experiences or would like to give a little back to your new community then Newcomers Club of San Juan is for you!

The Newcomers Club of San Juan was established over 50 years ago to give people new to the area the opportunity to meet and develop friendship with others who live on the island. Membership is open to new arrivals as well as to established Puerto Rico residents. 

We look forward to meeting you and "Bienvenidos a la isla del encanto!"

Come join us at our monthly Kaffee Klatsch get togethers which are held at member's homes...
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Monthly Luncheon's take place at some of the best restaurants the San Juan metro area has to offer...
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Delve further into our website to discover an exciting range of activities to explore, social events, charities we support, volunteering opportunities, and much more! 

Join the club or e-mail to get more information at - We may not know all the answers but we will be able to find someone who does!

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