Newcomers and our Community 

The Newcomers is a Social, non profit club which is involved with a number of charities. We have fundraisers every year and all the proceeds go to our supported charities. 

Currently we have two charities that we are supporting:

AsociaciĆ³n Educativa Pro Desarollo Humano De Culebra

An organistion which helps the children on the island of Culebra as a day care center and outreach facility.
San Juan Community Library

A lending library and excellent resource for adults and children. The library offers reading, story time, musical & dance activities, art, and much more. There are many opportunities for volunteering at the library.

You can find out more about the Charities we are currently supporting and have supported on their respective pages on this site. 

We also become involved with charities in other ways and everyone within the club can help in their own little way. To start with just by donating the unwanted treasures in your house, books, toys, grocery bags, clothing, cleaning supplies, and any household items. Any of these items can be used by the charities. Get involved, they need your help!