Our Charities

              Asociación Educativa Pro Desarrollo Humano de Culebra

For the children of the Tiny Isle of Culebra

93 Calle Escudero (PO Box 477)
 Culebra, Puerto Rico 00775
Phone: 787-742-0259

                             Newcomers Club Liaison: Alice Soto

La Asociación Educativa pro Desarrollo Humano de Culebra, Inc., is a small not-for-profit social services agency that has tried to fill the gaps in services available to Culebra’s children and families with special needs for more than 20 years. Supported by Newcomer’s Club, United Way, the Municipality of Culebra, and the state school lunch program, La Asociación offers a variety of unique services depending on the needs we identify.

At present, we have an early stimulation program for children from 2 to 5 years old that promotes participants' development through structured and supervised educational activities and field trips. Children up to age 13 participate in field trips to enhance their cultural experiences and also come to our Center after school or on days when teachers are absent to help with the preschoolers and participate in educational activities themselves. In June and July, children through age 8 are welcome to participate in a day camp that focuses on environmental education and water safety.

What we do for our children and their families:

1) Serving the community through cultural excursions, workshops, & seminars on topics of interest
2) Assisting families with medical needs: identifying providers, making appointments, advocating on patients behalf to  insurance companies or the Dept. of Health, & accompanying patients to appts.
3) Helping families with financial assistance to cover costs of meds, procedures, & medical equipment
These services are unique in Culebra & are delivered with love & dedication by our small staff

Newcomers Can Help La Asociación Educativa Pro Desarrollo Humano de Culebra!

We appreciate the help of Newcomers and all of our supporters. In addition to our grant funding we also accept gently used toys and books (preferably in Spanish), gently worn children’s clothes (to distribute to families in need), and individual and corporate donations.  Thank you for your ongoing support!  

Asociación Educativa Pro Desarrollo Humano de Culebra 93 Calle Escudero (PO Box 477), Culebra, PR  00775 Phone: 787-742-0259 NC Liaison: Alice Soto C: 787-642-0633 H: 787-781-7610 E: alicewsoto@gmail.com

On December 10th, 2016 we had the Christmas activity for our children and their parents.  Santa visited  and brought them a lot of Christmas gifts.  They were happy to see  Santa. Our children made a drama of the Gingerman for everyone. Our school received some gifts also, a playhouse, two tot tables, two floor mats and some binders. Thanks to Mr. Arturo Santiago Rubero, Linda Coifman, & Maria Strongwater for those things that will benefit our children. Our organization wants to give a big thanks to Alice W Soto for helping us to achieve those things for us. We want to give thanks to all the members of Newcomers Club and those members that visited us that day. We hope are enjoyed your stay on our small island. Thank’s Dr. Soto for the joy that you left on the faces of these children.  Thanks and a  !Happy New Year 2017!

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 San Juan Community Library 

A Community Lending Library for Adults and Children

Avenue Apolo, (PO Box # 3758), Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00970-3758

Phone: 787-789-4600       e-mail: info@yourlibrarysanjuan.org

Website: www.yourlibrarysanjuan.org or www.tubibiteca.org

Newcomer's Liaison: Connie Estades

San Juan Community Library

Mission Statement:  The San Juan Community Library is dedicated to promoting enthusiasm for reading, research, and cultural enrichment.

We are grateful to the Newcomers Club of San Juan for their support.   From our humble beginnings in October 1987, when the entire library consisted of one room with two folding tables and a few boxes of donated books, Newcomers Club members have provided us with volunteers, promotion and funds for capital assets.  In the late 90’s, when we were given permission to expand into the larger meeting area of the library,  plans for remodeling this room were put on hold.

During the years 2003 – 2005, funding from the Newcomers Club made possible the remodeling of this room into a multipurpose activity space. This remodeled room is dedicated to the Newcomers Club.   Classes and workshops held there  now provide operating revenue, as a portion of any fees charged by independent teachers and renters are donated to the Library (20%).   Club support has also made possible the complete remodeling of a small closet into a much needed and highly utilized Kitchen.  Currently, all of our public access computers have been acquired with Newcomers’ donations.  Over many years the Club’s support has also provided for the annual technical support of our circulation/catalog software program. The majority of the custom built bookcases in our library proper have been made possible by funding from the Club.  Newcomers’ generosity has helped us to purchase books, DVD’s, audiobooks, and ebooks.  Our collection currently houses over 29,000 volumes in hard copy and over 600 digital books.

We have a variety of classes and special events for children and adults.  For the most current information and our operating schedule, please visit our website www.yourlibrarysanjuan.org  (English)  or www.tubiblioteca.org  (Spanish)  or call us at 787-789-4600.  Let us know if there is an activity which you would like to offer or join in at our library

San Juan Community Library is also open 24/7 at our digital branch:  www.digitalsjcl.org. All library members receive a complimentary membership to our digital branch of over 600 ebooks and audiobooks.  Download a great read anytime from anywhere in the world from our library to your Kindle, Nook, tablet, iphone, ipad or android phone. 

All Newcomers Club members receive an annual complimentary membership at our library.  Call us to activate your membership today!

Library Wish-list:  Daily needs:  mosquito spray, paper towels, liquid hand soap, letter size copy paper, pens.  Current need:   a de-humidifier.

Newcomers Volunteering Opportunities:

* assisting with Membership Information

* shelving books

* catalog searches

* helping at Circulation Desk

...and more!!  

San Juan Community Library     Ave. Apolo (PO Box 3758), Guaynabo, PR 00970-3758 Tel: 787-789-4600 E: info@yourlibrarysanjuan.org    www.yourlibrarysanjuan.org  www.tubiblioteca.org
C h a r i t y N e w s
NC Liaison:  Susan Rodriguez C:  (787) 381-6793 Email:  susan.rodriguez3@yahoo.com 
                                                            January 2017 Volunteering: A great way to find Yourself
As we begin the New Year, we recall the party that we just celebrated in December for our library’s volunteers.  Our library is truly unique, both here and in public libraries such as we are familiar with in the United States.  San Juan Community Library is open to the public but runs with a volunteer staff, one paid part time executive director and a dedicated Board of Directors composed of leaders in their professional affiliations.  
We simply would cease, therefore, to exist without our precious band of volunteers. Our party this past December celebrated the bright, shining spirit of these generous people.   They freely give their time and talent on a weekly basis to ensure that our library remains open and available to every member of our community.    
To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”   The truth of these words is evident in every volunteer at San Juan Community Library.    
We want to invite you to consider joining this special group.  Volunteering can be one of the most meaningful activities in anyone’s busy schedule.  If you like books and people, we hope that you might consider signing up to volunteer with us.    We need volunteers in the afternoon from the hours of 3 pm to 5 pm and from 12 pm – 2 pm. Volunteering is a great activity that will be rewarding to you and beneficial to others.  
We also want to remind Newcomers Club members that our library offers a complimentary library membership to all current Club members.  To activate your membership, please call the Library at 787-7894600 or drop us an email at info@yourlibrarysanjuan.org.
And, remember that your library membership includes a complimentary membership in our digital branch.  All tablets, smart phones, android phones and computers are compatible with digitalsjcl.org.    
                                                                                                          SJCL Digital Branch Hours:  Open 24/7      www.digitalsjcl.org January Closings: Closed Monday, January 2 – Saturday, January 7 (Three Kings) and Closed Monday, January 16 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday) 
San Juan Community Library Phone:  787-789-4600  Email:  info@yourlibrarysanjuan.org  Website: www.yourlibrarysanjuan.org

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Jane Stern Dorado Community Library

331 Calle Mendez Vigo (PO Box 609) Dorado, PR 00646

T: 787-796-3675 E: info@jsdcl.org www.jsdcl.org

The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library (JSDCL) operates as its own entity and is an outstanding example of what can be accomplished when responsibilities are shared with the community, the private sector, and the government.  The Library offers traditional print materials, audio-visual and electronic media. Several databases licensed by JSDCL are available to its members on-line for access at home or at the Library. Computers with Internet access are available at the Library for the use of the patrons. Reference librarians help patrons make the best use of the Library’s resources, and assist them in finding information on virtually any subject. The Library offers a wide variety of programs that appeal to many interests in the community. Check the Library Calendar on our website or visit the Library for schedule information. 


331 Calle Méndez Vigo, Dorado PR 00646 (787) 796-3675 / www.jsdcl.org ; Find The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library on Facebook JANUARY SCHEDULE The library reopens on Monday, January 9, but will be closed on Saturday, Jan. 14 and on Monday January 16 (Martin Luther King Day). Library activities and after-school classes will begin after this holiday. Please check the Jane Stern Dorado Community Library Facebook page for specific dates. JSDCL’s first semester ended in December. Storytime children kicked off the season by decorating the children’s area tree. We were especially proud of the amazing comedic performances in Hotel sin co-estrellas by the Theater Arts students at Dorado’s Juan Boria Theater and the top notch performance of the JSDCL Band at the TASIS Christmas Concert. As part of its review of current and future programming, we will seek input in January on a variety of issues via a community survey — which can be found on the library’s Facebook page. This month we will also launch a regular peer-to-peer tutoring rotation, helping elementary up to high school students with homework assignments. Students will also become assistants in our upper level math program. This idea was brought to us by a volunteer from Dorado whose children attend St. John’s School. They will be joined by students from Dorado’s private and public intermediate and high schools. BACK IN JANUARY Magical Monday Story Hour for parents and our littlest clients features a story and an activity. This is a weekly informal get-together every Monday from 10:30am to 12:00noon. Friday Lego Club: (3:30pm to 5:30pm) is already a favorite activity for children from ages 5 to 12. $ A small fee purchases a club card good for attendance on any Friday until May, snacks included. Taekwondo: Kids 6 and up, Saturdays at 12noon – 1:00pm with Puerto Rico national champion Manuel Carrión. Just show up to register with Prof. Carrión himself. (fee course) Theater Arts, Instrumental Music (Band), and Math for teens, each two days a week after school. Drawing and Painting: Art instruction with artist Rebecca Castrillo Saturdays from 11:30am – 3:00pm. For questions / fee structure: castrebe00@gmail.com Yoga: Our traditional stress-relieving soft yoga for adults with Prof. Doris Rivera meets every Wednesday morning, 10:00am – 12noon. (fee course) CompTIA A+ Certification course (IT training): Given on six consecutive Saturdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm. (More information about CompTIA training and certification for jobs in IT fields at www.jsdcl.org Starting date to be announced. Volunteers to help with story hours, children’s activities, outreach programs or library tasks are very welcome. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new people and get involved. Please don’t hesitate to visit, call, or email me at director@jsdcl.org for information or suggestions. Notices for all our activities are posted on “The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library” Facebook page. Anne Chevako, Co-Administrator